Kim, a cosmos

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I thought this was going to be really dumb and then it wasn’t

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look i know everyone’s thinking it so im just gonna say it these robots cute as fuck

I just realized that the actual members of Daft Punk might not have even been there. What if they just got two guys of the same height and build and told them, “Here, put on our helmets. Have a good time. We can’t leave because we’re in the middle of a Doctor Who marathon.”

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> This gif single handedly out-blinged any rapper.

> This is so crisp and clear.

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stop that thomas you’re scaring him

but seriously though people that dont understand the whole robot act make me laugh really hard like hell yeah they’ll take off the helmets- when hell freezes over

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i felt like a thing needed to be said, so i made a powerpoint idk

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